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Île à Vache

Haïti’s Treasure Island… Bienvenue!

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The Future
The Future

Purposefully Reshaping Developing Communities & Nations

Île à Vache, Haïti… Quintessential Caribbean Paradise Meets Transformative Social & Infrastructure Development

Haïti’s Renaissance is afoot! A transformational, middle-class-creating community is being developed on a Caribbean isle, facilitating indigenous property rights & universal food security. Île à Vache is the historical treasure island of the infamous 17th century pirate turned Lieutenant Governor, Sir Henry Morgan. A heretofore undiscovered touristic treasure trove, the emblematic development of Île à Vache is ground zero of Haïti’s Renaissance and its subsequent reemergence as The Pearl of the Antilles

This twenty square-mile, undeveloped crown-jewel of the Caribbean islands sits just offshore the southwest peninsula of Haïti, about 6 1/4 miles from Les Cayes. Swaddled by sandy-white beaches, caressed by impossibly clear-blue Caribbean waters, and surrounded by over 100 world-class dive sites, Île à Vache is truly a sanctuary far away from the cares of the world, while just over a two hour flight from Miami.  

Taking its namesake from the island, The Île à Vache Initiative is a comprehensive master-plan for sustainable, island-wide, socio-economic impact organically effectuating each of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We invite all, our 10,000+ residents, the diaspora, digital nomads, day trippers, leisure tourists, venture capitalists, 2nd home owners, and adventure seekers alike to join this historical, landmark movement as Haïti awakes to its long-awaited Renaissance.

The Île à Vache Initiative, A Celebration of All That is Haïti, is fueled by a massive, mixed-use, transportation & tourism development plan. The Initiative  organically faciliates massive, sustainable social impact that will break Haïti’s cycle of social & economic poverty. This paradisiacal sanctum will become to mainland Haïti what Disney World is to Orlando, Florida: Haïti’s biggest driver of tourism visits, Haïti’s largest direct & indirect job creator, and Haïti’s most notable & prodigious contributor to its GDP. Come See How We Play!

The Île à Vache Initiative… Breaking The Cycle of Social & Economic Poverty!

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Unity Makes Strength

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to administer innovative social, environmental & physical infrastructure initiatives coupled with tourism maturation & urban renewal undertakings. These measured gambits, driven by good governance, bear the fruits of community revitalization, indigenous property rights, direct & indirect job creation, measurable economic growth, quantifiable ecological stewardship, targeted social impact solutions, general poverty abatement, spiritual renewal, intuitive master site plans, and full spectrum protection of stakeholder interests. Purposeful reshaping of developing communities & nations is the bedrock of all our activities.